Poetic Gaze

Poetic Gaze
Poetic Gaze

The film tells a story about a 40-year-old “emerging” performance artist, who performs the “Poetic Gaze” — see through the surveillance camera and read from the other side of the monitor. His bizarre and magical performance has provoked the security staff, while also wins him public attention and the first opportunity to perform in a fashion show — “Social Virus”. However, his posture is being judged by fashion photographer. His costume is embarrassed by the art director. His makeup is made to conform with the overall style of the show. He gradually lost his stance as a performance artist and his art is depoliticized in this process. When he is scoffed by the designer for being “infected” by the “Social Virus” in the show, he finally realizes that he is not protesting against the symbolic surveillance camera, but other people’s gaze and judgement.

Directed by Yixuan Cai and Xiaoray Yu (USA)

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