CarolinaA priest, Don Loris, devoted and solitary, in the company of his usual routine, his manic gestures, his collar, his glasses, his beard, his kiss at the crucifix and his walk in the court.
A very large church, a very narrow confessional.

All normal, as long as you don’t come across a woman, who wants you to confess almost every day, the dialogues become more frequent, a harmony is born. The divine and the reason are compared.

In the following days the usual routine does not work perfectly as always, the collar does not enter him, the glasses do not seem to fit, he cuts himself shaving, something is wrong.

He asks God for help with a prayer.

The moment he seems determined to return to his steps, the viewer and only him, will discover that this woman never existed, but it was just his mental projection.
Did Don Loris confess himself? Word to the viewer.

Directed by Simone Centinèo (Italy)

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