Technical Categories: Nominations of October 2023

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Genre Categories: Nominations of October 2023

Best Producer

Jen Krater for The Voice Behind The Story (USA)

Max Woods and Micah Johnson for Into The Wild (USA)

Paola Baldion, Jamie Toll, and Vicki Syal for Abrazo (USA)

Best Female Director

Devany Greenwood for Into the Thicket (USA)

Nadia Guo for The Film (China)

Paola Baldion for Abrazo (USA)

Best Male Director

Brandon Leake and Cleve Brown for Complexity (USA)

Holden Levy for Remembering Lucy (USA)

Mark Tomov for Double Nickel (USA)

Best Student Female Director


Best Student Male Director

Max Woods for Into The Wild (USA)

Théo Vernoux for In The Boxes (France)

Wayne Chen Delgado for How To Get Over Your Super Hot Ex (USA)

Best First Time Female Director

Alicia Borja and Logan Satterlee for Airmen (USA)

Molly Schenkenberger for Unconditional (USA)

Olivia Martini for Seen (USA)

Best First Time Male Director

Ben Murphy for Dripping with Tension (USA)

Jonathan Chao for We’ll Get Through This (USA)

Robert Lin for Almost Home (USA)

Best Young Male Filmmaker


Best Actress

Briana Bender for The Voice Behind The Story (USA)

Martina Monti for Seen (USA)

Megan Leigh for I’ve Got A Feeling (USA)

Paige Bourne for Dripping with Tension (USA)

Rebeca García for Hi, I’m Vera (Spain)

Best Actor

Christopher Sferra for Dripping with Tension (USA)

Eric Peddy for The Need (USA)

Mauricio Ovalle for The Best Gift in Life is Life Itself (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Christine Liao for Almost Home (USA)

Haylee Whisson for Y (Australia)

Jamie Amos for The Voice Behind The Story (USA)

Best Supporting Actor


Best Child/Young Actress


Best Acting Duo

Aidan Prince and Stacy Chu for We’ll Get Through This (USA)

Christopher Sferra and Paige Bourne for Dripping with Tension (USA)

Kathleen O’Grady and Paola Baldion for Abrazo (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Dylan Sharon, Kayden Tokarski, Sage Kirkpatrick and Tank Jones for My Melancholy Baby (USA)

Mila Nieman, Monica Sayers, Kylie Bywaters, Hannah Davidson, Haylee Whisson, Amber Scates, Lawrence Murphy, and Anita Erceg for Y (Australia)

Nathaniel Kweku, Hannah Connally, Luc Rosethal, Ryan Nuss, and Bobby Reed for The Brunos (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Ben Murphy for Dripping with Tension (USA)

Paola Baldion and Ray Figueroa for Abrazo (USA)

Théo Vernoux, Marina Scribot, Paolo Georgel, and Thomas Trelet for In The Boxes (France)

Best Production Design

Dirty Freaken Joe – Sci-Fi Sam (USA)

Jenna Soong for Brian & Connie (USA)

Kyla Morgan for Y (Australia)

Best Cinematography


Best Editing

How To Get Over Your Super Hot Ex (USA)

Jeff Burton for Ophelia (USA)

The Film (China)

Best Special FX


Best Visual FX


Best Set Design


Best Costume Design


Best Special Makeup

Dayna Green for Ophelia (USA)

Joe Castro for Tip (USA)

Michelle Munoz for The Need (USA)

Best Sound Mixing


Best Sound Editing


Best Original Score

Aidan Wiess for The Need (USA)

Alex Toth for Brian & Connie (USA)

Josh Derosa for Mountebank (USA)

Best Original Song

Hair by Alexander Taylor, for It Heads Home (USA)

Lake of the Slaine by Tamara Cook and David Stewart, for Y (Australia)

Sci-Fi Sam by Dirty Freaken Joe (USA)

So Misunderstood by Jaklyn, for So Misunderstood (USA)

We’ll Get Through This Ending Theme by Justin Kim, for We’ll Get Through This (USA)


Genre Categories: Nominations of October 2023

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