Semi-finalists of October 2023

3:00AM by Ricardo Albarran (USA)

A Night of Comedy by Cathie Boruch (USA)

A Rock and Roll Street by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Aimless interior by Devi Strill (USA)

Bigfoot Unleashed – Part VII by Don Swanson (USA)

Boss Lady by Meshall Shumate (USA)

C R U D O by Alexis R. Montesinos (Mexico)

Contentment by Judie Alice Zhang (New Zealand)

Emotional Logical by Vered Rodriguez (USA)

Expiation by Selene Montijo (USA)

Five Stars by Kenny Williams and Ryan Hepkema (USA)

Gargoyle King by Jacob Arbittier (USA)

In Your Head by Violet Zeug (USA)

Mr. Noface by Franco Rodrigo Andrade (USA)

Planet Ocean Blues by Michael Buckley (Canada)

Psalm by Mark Xie (China)

REM by Tristan Winchester (USA)

Sunflower Shadow by Ariana (China)

The Audition by David Wenzel (USA)

The Good, The Bad and The Bloodthirsty by John Kalning (USA)

The Ill-Conceived, Poorly Executed Housewarming Party of Amy & Jaime by Ray Morgan (USA)

Three Months Since by Hannah Chamberlain Conway (USA)

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