Technical Categories: Nominations of November 2023

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Genre Categories: Nominations of November 2023

Best Producer


Best Female Director


Best Male Director


Best Student Female Director

Fiona Lu for TA (China)

Laura Calle for The Wall (USA)

Sabia Faden for Great Fortune (USA)

Best Student Male Director


Best First Time Female Director

Geraldine Pearl Bright for The Job (USA)

Yifan Hu for Puppet Show (China)

Yirui Zhang for Coming-of-age Ceremony (China)

Best First Time Male Director

Alexander Nguyen for Adam Acosta – Firework Fam (USA)

Christian Colbert for God in the Valley (USA)

Luke Rex for Bonding (USA)

Best Actress

Katie Castro for Easy Peasy (USA)

McKenna Sennett for Come On, Marie… (USA)

Nicole Murray for The Job (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress


Best Acting Duo

Andy Marques and Christian Colbert for God in the Valley (USA)

Carolina Haddad and Sabrina Black for Running Colours (USA)

Jake B. Miller and Jonathan Tanigaki for Enemy No More (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Carolina Haddad, Sabrina Black, Aaron Noble, Kendall Tiffany Hall, Steve Larson, Kayla Tripp, Imani J. Grant, Josh Bowren, Loretta Williams, and Lydia Gagoh for Running Colours (USA)

Jannica Olin, Luke Rex, Darren Lipari, and Ryan Stroud for Bonding (USA)

Pete Maddocks, Qurrat Ann Kadwani, Linda Manning, Agathe Levi, and Tripp Corson for Wake Up Call (USA)

Sophia Nesterova, Christine Allocca, William Tapley, and Adriana Kostetska for Receding (USA)

Wendy-Sème Orleans, Anna-Maria Orlu, Taylor Young, Collins Wewa, Quonta Beasley, and Natasha Staton for Mache (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Kara M. Canton for Running Colours (USA)

Renee Garcia for Receding (USA)

Sabia Faden for Great Fortune (USA)

Best Cinematography

Anthony C. Kuhnz for Enemy No More (USA)

Brad Scholl for Requiem (Canada)

Julian Zakrzewski for The Warbling (Canada)

Laura Jansen for Bonding (USA)

Robin Holtz for Cataract (Denmark)

Best Editing


Best Costume Design


Best Special Makeup


Best Sound Design


Best Original Score

Alton James for Running Colours (USA)

Greg Nicolett for Enemy No More (USA)

Tyler Mathson and Thomas Arganda for Come On, Marie… (USA)

Best Original Song



Genre Categories: Nominations of November 2023

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