Semi-finalists of November 2023

A Day in the Life of a Russian Mafia Boss by Artyom Novokshonov (Russia)

And Then She Was One by Colin Tracy (USA)

Complexity by Brandon Leake and Cleve Brown (USA)

Dreamer by Jess Godwin (USA)

Egged by Samantha Jimenez Garcia (USA)

Getting Hit On by Lilton Stewart III (USA)

Green Forge 2030 by Mauro Bussani (Italy)

Harry by Roy Boucher (USA)

If I Were a Pony by Leonard I Eckhaus (USA)

Mare by Jérémie Veuthey (France)

Moirai by Johnny Otto (USA)

Prison Souls by Richard Heard (USA)

Progress and Crisis by Richard Miller (USA)

Terroir by Miles Parker (USA)

The Spider by C. Caruso (USA)

Thieves by Jonathan Eby (USA)

Woke by Laura Calle (USA)

Zombie Revolt by Kevin Jones (USA)

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