Technical Categories: Nominations of February 2020

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Best Producer

Elijah St. Amant, Lindsey O’Heron, and Melinda Tibbitts for Turpentine (USA)

Emiliano Sette, Yashira Jordán, and Francisco Zamudio for Anacronte (Argentina)

Gabi Kricheli for The Tobacco Field Fable (Israel)

Michael Armstrong Barr, Max Schwendner, and Sam & Sprinkle Productions for Dear Aunt Noa (USA)

Michea Bryant and Don Ohmer for Dante Falls (USA)


Best Director (Female)

CC Weske for Out of the Quiet (USA)

Eva Daoud for The Light Thief (Spain)

Honey Lauren for Wives Of The Skies (USA)


Best Director (Male)

Dylan Snyder for Room 566 (USA)

Enrique Suarez for Abroad (USA)

Jacopo Ardolino for To Her (Italy)

Sam Fayed for Two Strangers (USA)

Sigurd Culhane for Green Cobra (USA)


Best Student Director (Female)

Arsal Asal for Reverb (USA)

Grace Chung for Memento Mori, Memento Ma’um (USA)

Kit McDonald for Polar Opposites (USA)

Ma Xiaohan for Double Life (China)

Nancy Lin for Dante Falls (USA)


Best Student Director (Male)

Benoit Ganesan for The Day You Long For (UK)

Gabriele Di Sazio for Vincent (USA)

Jianle Liu for What We Talk About When We Talk About Lights, Camera, Action (China)

Manuel Rodriguez for Expires 2/11 (Canada)

Martin Holper for Loss Of Reality (Austria)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Holly Laurent for Brought To You By Satan (USA)

Jayleen S Perez for Karmen (USA)

Julia Fullerton-Batten for 1814 Frost Fair (UK)

Myriam Arleth for Red Cell (Germany)

Victoria Kieburtz for Three Minutes (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Arthur Alencar for Modular Heritage (Canada)

Elijah St. Amant for Turpentine (USA)

Jamal Akakpo and Jamal Womble for Somewhere in the Grey (USA)

Koroknyai Róbert for Charlie (Hungary)

Saulo Guilherme Senra for Into the Light (Brazil)


Best Actress

Colleen Foy for Green Cobra (USA)

Katelyn Brooke for Out of the Quiet (USA)

Megan Cochrane for The Haddonfield Murders (USA)


Best Actor

Dakota Kappen for Vincent (USA)

Dan Sauer for The Lobbyists (USA)

John Anthony for Rookies (USA)

Mike Kennedy for Ravage (USA)

Paul Arthaud for Missing (USA)


Best Supporting Actress

Beau Garrett for Vincent (USA)

Cadden Jones for Dogmate (USA)

Jacki Hydock for The Lobbyists (USA)

Jacquelyn O’Connor for Perpetual Us (USA)

Vanessa Libbey for A Home for Curiosities (USA)


Best Supporting Actor

Charles Scatolini for Ravage (USA)

Patrick Tamisiea for Green Cobra (USA)

Thomas S. Normandy for Amnesia (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Award Winner TBA (Special Jury Prize)


Best Child/Young Actor

Award Winner TBA (Special Jury Prize)


Best Acting Duo

Chris Kohls and Bron Theron for Maga! (USA)

Dan Sauer and Jacki Hydock for The Lobbyists (USA)

Huang Jingxi and Zhao Qianqian for Double Life (China)

Jacob Miller and Steven Loomis for Perpetual Us (USA)

Mark Borison and Allyson West for Subject Six-Alpha Two (USA)

Telisa Steen and Elena Flory-Barnes for Three Minutes (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

Angel de Miguel, Maria Pedroviejo, Alicia Lobo, Aloma Escuder, Julia Fournier, Rebeca Roldan, Chema Moro, and Alicia Montesquiu for The Light Thief (Spain)

Evan Hofer, Carrie Gibson, Eddie Steeples, and Paris Perrault for Room 566 (USA)

Matt Gibson, Cadden Jones, Ken Jennings, and Monica L. Jones for Dogmate (USA)

Meredith Grace Dabney, Cece Kelly, Isaiah Asher Hanley, Kjay Saifullah, Andrew Hunter, Thomas Martin, Piper Collins, and Sophia Sharma for Here Today (USA)

Thomas Alexander, Chengjin Zhuang, Xiaoshiyan Liang, Ruoxi Yang, Banghui Zhang, and Ling Lin for What We Talk About When We Talk About Lights, Camera, Action (China)


Best Original Screenplay

Allisyn Arm for Room 566 (USA)

Honey Lauren for Wives Of The Skies (USA)

Meredith Grace Dabney for Here Today (USA)

Michael Armstrong Barr and Dana Aliya Levinson for Dear Aunt Noa (USA)

Ruochong Wang for What We Talk About When We Talk About Lights, Camera, Action (China)


Best Adapted Screenplay

Award Winner TBA (Special Jury Prize)


Best Production Design

Dante Falls (USA)

Double Life (China)

Farsina Kabir Prithwi for Filum (Canada)

Stafford Matthews-Klingebiel for Modular Heritage (Canada)

Vincent (USA)


Best Cinematography

Aakash Raj for Vincent (USA)

Andrew Aiello for Green Cobra (USA)

Miguel de Olaso Macgregor for The Light Thief (Spain)

Mike Beech for Reclaiming The Negative (UK)

Stuart Graham for 1814 Frost Fair (UK)


Best Editing

Gerlad Varney for Prufrock (USA)

Henry Baker for Piss Off (USA)

Matt Ryan Vilade and Will Cook for Haunted Roots (USA)

Sergio Rozas for The Light Thief (Spain)

Susan Maughlin Wood for Coastal Fire: A Common Diary (USA)


Best Sound Design

Daniel Akinshola for Voice of Blood (Australia)

Hao Chen for Dante Falls (USA)

Ivan Camilo Rodriguez Lopez for Expires 2/11 (Canada)

Moving Pains (USA)

Steve Arm for Room 566 (USA)


Best Sound Editing

Kody Newton for 2:59 (USA)

Alvaro Lopez-Arregui for The Light Thief (Spain)

Intrusive Thoughts (USA)

The Day You Long For (UK)

Witchwoods The Movie (USA)


Best Sound Mixing

Anacronte (Argentina)

Kapara (Australia)

Sweet Honey Overdrive (USA)


Best Original Score

Andrés Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab for Anacronte (Argentina)

Joe Sanders for Out of the Quiet (USA)

Jorge Magaz and Pablo Martin Caminero for The Light Thief (Spain)

Mike Beech for Reclaiming The Negative (UK)

Steve Arm, Shane Smith, and Blake Harden for Room 566 (USA)


Best Special FX

Award Winner TBA (Special Jury Prize)


Best Visual FX

Artist’s Block (USA)

Dante Falls (USA)

Safety Space (USA)

The Hall of Nirvana (Japan)

Zombie Love (France)


Best Costume Design

Farsina Kabir Prithwi for Expires 2/11 (Canada)

Gizem Taşkın and Erkut Altındağ for The Curtain (Turkey)

Honey Lauren for Wives Of The Skies (USA)

Rossella Congera for Traveling Without Moving (Italy)

Sarah Bieber for A Home for Curiosities (USA)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Cassie Szachury and Camila Gonzalez for Expires 2/11 (Canada)

Coya Brown for Center of Attention (USA)

Francia Cohen for Wives Of The Skies (USA)

Inaki Maestre for The Light Thief (Spain)

Tarra Morgan for Witchwoods The Movie (USA)


Best Special Makeup

Cassie Szachury, Renee Chen, and Emilia Dellepiane for Modular Heritage (Canada)

Julie Goulet for Zombie Love (France)

Matthew G. Gray for 2:59 (USA)


Best Set Design

The Reading Room (USA)

Expires 2/11 (Canada)

Filum (Canada)

The Light Thief (Spain)

The Lobbyists (USA)


Best Original Song

Award Winner TBA (Special Jury Prize)


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