Semi-finalists of September 2023

A Curious Woman by Kelby Thwaits (USA)

A Model Life by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Alumnus by Solmin Anthony Ahn (South Korea)

Before The Freeze by Tenley E. Raj (USA)

Come Here by Alan Bohms (USA)

Drink In The Pain by E.J. Acosta (USA)

Fellini Mastorna… A Film of No Return by Jennifer Glee Foley (USA)

Forgive Me Father I Have Sinned by Garry Guerrier (USA)

Gifted by Cosmin Andrei (USA)

Hobson’s Choice by Daniel Robinson (New Zealand)

It’s All In Your Head by Mary Stow (UK)

Let It Out by Scott Talbot (USA)

My Funny Valentine (The Story of Allen Collins) by Kevin M Overton (USA)

Reclamation Project No. 1 by Tyler Bohm (USA)

Scrum Wars – Episode 1: A New Sprint by Jaz Garewal (USA)

Shark II – WickedBeast by Richard G Miller (USA)

Shotdown by Houston Rex Diaz (USA)

Slice by Kenny Tiller (USA)

Somewhere in Glendale by Sureya Melkonian (USA)

The Garden Of Heathens III – Shape Of Events To Come by Richard G Miller (USA)

The Perfect Day by John J. Lynch (USA)

The Unencumbered Life of a French House Fly by Matthieu Brajot (USA)

The Way Women Are by Adam Tuliński (Poland)

Thicker Than Marriage by Berwyn Hutch (USA)

Two Conjure by Miguel Lopez de Leon (USA)

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