Semi-finalists of September 2021

#meet_TheMet by Kostiantyn Mishchenko (USA)

A Solemnly Questioning Air by John McCloskey (USA)

Arise by Nicolas Elizondo (USA)

Bees and Seas by Roy Boucher (USA)

Choices by Jalen Tellis (USA)

Constancia by Francisco Gacuya (USA)

Damage and Shame by William Anthony Stancik (USA)

Darkentries by Nikolaas Boucquey (Belgium)

Famous Gays And Lesbians… Alleged And Otherwise by Thomas Connelly (USA)

Garu by Mithilesh Gunasekaran (India)

Hacking Santa by Matt Brandseth (USA)

High In The Saddle by Rob McLean (Canada)

Isolation by Johanna Jacome (Canada)

Message by Francisco A Gacuya Jr (USA)

Mute – The Loudest Silence by Sapan Bamrah (Australia)

Pawns by Jaane Doe (USA)

Road Rage! by James Button (UK)

Roberta Lane by Darren J. Perry (UK)

Sara’s Journey by Pavel Vogler (USA)

Shower Thoughts by Ben McLaughlin (USA)

Skulled02 – The Mask by Maggi (Iceland)

The Papers by Jess Carson (USA)

The Past is a Graveyard by John Wilfred Roberson (USA)

The Travel Bear by Chloe Elie (USA)

Waypoints by Cas Taylor (USA)

Where To by Gursel Ates (Turkey)

Without Words by Joe Tadros Abdelsayed (USA)

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