Genre Categories: Nominations of September 2021

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of September competing in 65 different categories. These works were shortlisted from an official selection pool with acceptance rate of 42,8%, based on submissions from 26 countries with a total runtime of 34:22:15.

***Categories not listed have no submissions meeting the requirements***

***Categories TBA have 2 or less projects with eligible scores for awards. The announcement of the award winner(s) for these categories is done along with the award winners of all of the other categories***

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Technical Categories: Nominations of September 2021


Best Gore Short


Best Horror Short

Captive by Jeff Carolan (USA)

Gary by Michael Rognlie (USA)

Let Them Eat by LaShaunte Wade (USA)

The Shadow in the Attic by Matt Jeston (Australia)

Visit by Yuta Takaue (Japan)

Best Comedy Short

Defense +4 by Keren Green (New Zealand)

Luft Balloons by Carlos R. Gomez (USA)

Mr. Right? by Tari Kristine Robinson (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

A Real Killjoy by Tara Erickson (USA)

A Tale of Redemption and Regret with Sunny the Heat by Eric Carosella (USA)

Killer Abs by Amy McPeak (USA)

The Foul by James Button (UK)

Waiting for Goldman by Ari Kruger (South Africa)

Best Action Short


Best Crime Short

A Certain Romance by Miguel Vite (Mexico)

The Huntsman and the Hound by Francisco Ramirez (USA)

Waiting for Goldman by Ari Kruger (South Africa)

Best Thriller Short

$700+ by Tom Aspy (USA)

Contingency by Logan Mansberger (USA)

The Tales Of Abu Keess by Roody Madi (Lebanon)

Best Film Noir Short


Best Mystery Short


Best Sci-Fi Short

Holding South by Keren Green (New Zealand)

The Hunt: Savage Within by Fabien Garcia (USA)

Voices from the Void by Theo Burtis (USA)

Best Western Short


Best Indie Short

Do You Still Ask About Me by Daniel Bott (UK)

Hues of Blue by Manuel Alejandro Vargas (USA)

Love, Sarah by Laura Nordin (Canada)

Spaceman by Nolt Vutthisak (Thailand)

The Other Side by Dong Chen (China)

Best Drama Short

Breaking & Entering by Michael William Hogan (USA)

Did/Didn’t by Nicholas Bromund (USA)

Please Not Be My Mom by Xinyuan Chen (China)

Serious by Thomas A. Fucci (USA)

The Lumberjack by James Matthew Rutkin (Australia)

Best Animation Short

On / Off by Nicolas P. Villarreal (Argentina)

Step into the River by MA Weijia (France)

Tomorrow by Mohammad Shihab Uddin (Bangladesh)

Best Children Short


Best Romantic Short


Best Women Short

Exist by Niaz Parvaresh (USA)

Kid by Sonalii Castillo (USA)

The Women of Colour Project by Vittoria Alonso and Bailey James (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short


Best Documentary Short

Chasing 200 by Alexandra Katharina Lier (Germany)

Lydia Emily’s Last Mural by Christoph Johannes Superstar Green (USA)

Making the Journey of Life by Adrian Baragan (USA)

The Shoulders of Giants by Quinn Early (USA)

The Women of Colour Project by Vittoria Alonso and Bailey James (USA)

Best Experimental Short

I Found Malevich by Ron Pollard (USA)

Me! You? by Wissam (USA)

Paint On Paint # 7 by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

The Withered Ghoul’s Ceremony by Xavier Micheal Terhorst (USA)

Whoever You Are by Javier De Frutos (UK)

Best Microfilm

Combattre by Hayden Livesay (USA)

Eating Disorder by Fangzhou Lu (China)

The Typewriter by Christian Hernán Quintana Reszczynski (Chile)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Lipstick Traces by Mick Lexington (USA)

Litter by Matt Beebe (Canada)

The Bar by Michael Alexander McDougall (Indonesia)

Best Web and New Media


Best Mobile Short


Best Music Video

Follow Me by Phineas Alexander (USA)

Meglio Di Cosi (Better Than This) by Ari Takahashi (Italy)

Rengajo by Sina Mohammadi (Iran)

Best Screendance Short


Best Trailer/Teaser

Charlotte and the Therapist (UK)

The Shoulders of Giants (USA)

Toothfairy (Germany)

Best Short Script

Calista Way by Jose Holder (Canada)

Moments by Robert Bowers (USA)

Should Be Giraves by John S McCloskey (USA)

Technical Categories: Nominations of September 2021


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