Semi-finalists of October 2020

10 by Sanchai Aketreephopanun (Thailand)

2019/2020 by Kentaro Saito (Japan)

Australia Calling by Jodi Haigh (Australia)

Bloodlines by Todd Royal (USA)

By Rocket to Oblivion by Matt Bissett-Johnson (Australia)

Clippers by Nur Alishah Tibor (USA)

Cold Caller by Darren J. Perry (UK)

Double Faced by Giovanna Caruso (USA)

George by Roy Boucher (USA)

Healing By Fire by Joshua Nelson (USA)

Home A Place of Belonging by Yantra de Vilder (Australia)

I Can’t Breathe Either – A History of White Supremacy by Marc Siciliani (USA)

I s o l a t i o n by Carlos E. Pacheco (USA)

In by Kseniia I (Russia)

It’s Called Revenge by Michelle Burger (USA)

Man on the Street by Dakare Chatman (USA)

Older Posts by Bryan Firks (USA)

People Show 138: Last Day by Gareth Brierley (UK)

Retail Therapy by John W. Martin (UK)

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi by Jack Merrill (USA)

Sight of Hand by Caitlin Hammel (USA)

Something is in the House by Elijah Roberts (USA)

Special by Joshua Nelson (USA)

Speech Is More Than Speaking by Jacob Vanderwerken (USA)

Sushi Night by Jack Kierski (USA)

Terpsichore’s Daughters by Fani Iatrou (Greece)

The American Dream by Baldev Sandhu (USA)

The Colossus by Brandt Matthews (USA)

To Be Free by Glenna P. Diggs (USA)

Travel Today with Lea: Dana Point by Lea Welles (USA)

We The People by Faith Liu (USA)

Windows by Mike Greenwood (USA)

Yesteryear by Chris Esper (USA)

You Never Seem to Harbor Resentment by Sean Guistini (Canada)

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