Semi-finalists of March 2022

#Beingmytrueauthenticself by Celina Igwe (USA)

Bethel Saloon March 12 Afternoon by William Anthony Stancik (USA)

Don’t Cry by Hisham Zreiq (Germany)

Everything I Could by Christopher Armienti (USA)

Fowl Play by Vance Crofoot (USA)

Glory & Injustice by Jamieson Tabb (USA)

Her Eyes are Flaming Holes by Tianjing Kiki Yuan (USA)

Injustice by KC Watts (USA)

Nightmare by Hassan Chammout (USA)

NSFW by Missy Jubilee (Australia)

Paintience by Tobias Hellsten (Sweden)

Rockabye by Asher McMurren (USA)

Searching for Peace by Hayder Wahhab Jalil (Iraq)

Self-Help Series 2 by Bethan Williams and Tom Bridger (UK)

She’s An Instagram Model by Keith Orlando Harris (Kazakhstan)

Untitled by Joseph Thomas (USA)

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