Semi-finalists of June 2022

Cherry – Nick Binkley by Jimmy Prosser (USA)

Darwin’s Duckling by Enrique Vazquez (USA)

Éternel Voyageur by Stephanie Annette and Alvn Mkr (France)

Lock by Han Gao and Ruijin Xu (China)

Meeting Dad by Robert Jarzen (USA)

Orenda by Dahson Jamie Arave (USA)

Quiver by Kristen Petrarca (USA)

The Linda Eldridge Program by Snaff Zubberano (USA)

The Pantomime’s Tragedy by Dylan Keeffe (USA)

Thoughts & Feelings by Joshua Nelson (USA)

Two’s A Crowd by Kathleen Randazzo (USA)

Vaperwave ’99 by James Matthew Storm (USA)

Zombie Resurrection by Brad Prime (USA)

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