Semi-finalists of February 2022

Apocalypse by John Fairchild (USA)

At What Cost by Jalen Tellis (USA)

Azraelle by Michael Bitanga (USA)

Band Mates by David Levin (USA)

Big and Small Detective by Min Tao (China)

Bitter, Sweet by Jonny Diaz (USA)

Capsule by Ariel Sandoval (USA)

Chinquapin by Sean Guistini (Canada)

Don Chronicles 3: End of Dawn by Deepak Savanur (USA)

Dying for a Living by Darin P. Munnell (USA)

Emergency Musical Response by Cosmo Swevens (USA)

Family Affair by Ernest Anemone (USA)

Great Again by Scott New (USA)

Hollow by Guy Longstreet (USA)

It’s Your Choice by Lily Cring (USA)

Lonely Season by Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi (Iran)

Meet the Blooms by Mannary Park Films (USA)

Poop Shoes by Tamir Rawlings and Bradley Oliver Wilkinson-Vega (USA)

The Constitution: Sacred or Sinister? by Lindsey Larkin (USA)

The Visitor by Mike Provenzano and Joe Schufreider (USA)

The Workshop 3 by Stacey Steele and Christopher Martel (USA)

Welcome to Murderville by Dina McNeil (USA)

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