Semi-finalists of August 2022

A Knocking In The Woods by Zachary Debedout (USA)

A New Beginning by Jalen Tellis (USA)

Beverly Ever After by John Kestner (USA)

Breed by Erwin Quintero (USA)

Cheetahs & Wildebeests by Luis A Reyes (USA)

Coke Boys by Omar Cook and Adonis Armstrong (USA)

Dark Tenet by Jesus Narvaez and Jonathan Lanz (USA)

Dead Mother’s Numbers by Warren Paul Glover (Australia)

Echoes by Garrick Foxx and Natasha Makin (USA)

Evil Within by Marlana D. Ball (USA)

Five True Friends by George Orallo and Leona Krahn (Canada)

God Particle Apocalypse by Quantum Cadet (Canada)

Grand Theft Johnny by Dallas Wayne (USA)

Hey Toby Hey Owen: This is Not Sponsored by Valvoline by Owen Dennis (USA)

Hidden Wings by Randy Bernales (USA)

Holy Rejects by Becca Beberaggi (USA)

Holy Smokes by Garrett Park Gallego (USA)

I’m The Man by Clarence Edward Williams IV (USA)

Meta: Hawaii by Jonas E. B. Weitzel (USA)

Morning Dog by Richard Reinke (USA)

Nein Friends by Lily Micheline Kaplan (USA)

Say Nothing by Joe Rosener and Jak Velinsky (USA)

Suburban Safari by Jack Settipane (USA)

Subverted Expectations by Samantha Schacht (USA)

The Fly by Mateusz (Matte) Kranz (USA)

The Red Bond by Imad Jack Karam (Greece)

The Tryout by Michael Jonathan Gellis (USA)

The Unremarkable Escapades of Jenny And Jules: Reckless by Pat Dill (USA)

Wasted by Pearl Windle and Robert Benicio Ponce (USA)

Waveland Requiem by BT Hathaway (USA)

Weber Falls, USA by Aaron Jay Stielstra (USA)

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