Semi-finalists of April 2023

A Meeting Between Two: The Secret by Yoram Marcus and Eyal Kantor (Israel)

A Sudden Impact by Gil Rivera (USA)

Alternate by Harry Fowler (USA)

Automate by Diego Zamalloa (USA)

Coming Up For Air by Trina Noel Davis (USA)

Deadly Sin by Matt Jeston (Australia)

Dinner with Dante by Katherine Diane Schimmel (USA)

Don’t Cross Mother Nature by Kevin Jones (USA)

He Wants To Play by Marlana Ball (USA)

Hold On, Sir: The DMV Experience by Erik Clemensen (USA)

Homicidium Cruentum by Alexander Tavarez (USA)

If I Were Prime Minister by ‪Yoram Marcus‏ (Israel)

Jewel of the Dragon’s Skull by Josh Minnie (USA)

Location 4 by Antonio Pinheiro (USA)

Psychosis by Diana Russell (USA)

Real Men Wear Pink by Elizabeth Jane Findley (USA)

Recycleosaraus by Kevin Jones (USA)

Sunday at the Chelsea by Cathie Boruch (USA)

The Devi’s Playground by Chris J Adams (USA)

The Lost Cause: The Clara Florence Story by Ashley Nicole (USA)

What’s Your Emergency? by Theodore Keana Lewis Andrews (USA)

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