Nominees: 2020 Annual Awards

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Best Horror Short

OverKill produced and directed by Alex Montilla (USA)

Séance produced by Johannes Franke, Yupp Regeler, and Steffen F. Kaminski, and directed by Johannes Franke (Germany)

The Remnant produced by Jeffrey Gross and Michael James Regan, and directed by Navin Ramaswaran (Canada)

Best Sci-Fi Short

(Dys)Functional produced and directed by Adam Nowak (Poland)

Expiration produced by Don Ohmer and directed by Lisheng Zhang (USA)

Krim produced by Martin Reicht and directed by Manuel Hüttner (Austria)

Best Comedy Short

Bryers Cucumber Tostino’s produced and directed by Christopher Hall (USA)

Comedy Videos produced by Katie White, Lisa Rudin, Peter Lazarus, and Bob Turton, and directed by Peter Lazarus (USA)

My New Pants produced by Edgar Nevarez and Gerard Zarra, and directed by Gerard Zarra (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Cold Storage produced by Lumikinos Production Ou and directed by Thomas Freundlich (Finland)

Green Cobra produced by Chris Valdez, Sigurd Culhane, Michelle Mehn, and We Make Movies, and directed by Sigurd Culhane (USA)

Thank You for Patiently Waiting produced and directed by Max Marklund and Anders Jacobsson (Sweden)

Best Thriller Short

Cultanica produced by Mitchell Smalenski and Ian Arnoldy and directed by Mitchell Smalenski (USA)

Final Curtain produced by Jack Armstrong and directed by Dan Gifford (Ireland)

Kandi Kids produced by Sandu Negrea, Brock Burnett, Melissa Burnett, Jijo Reed, and Sean O’Connor, and directed by Sandu Negrea (USA)

Best Mystery Short

Missing produced by Alexander Hankoff and Nick Suttle, and directed by Alexander Hankoff (USA)

Signal produced and directed by Sophie Wang (Canada)

Split produced by M Entertainment and Telewizja Polska, and directed by Joanna Deja and Łukasz Deja (Poland)

Best Crime Short

Broken Window Theory produced by Jessica Nieto Acevedo and directed by Cristian Trujillo García (Colombia)

Damned If I Do produced by Jacqueline Horton and Jeffery A. Thompson, and directed by Jeffery A. Thompson (USA)

The Fixer produced by Michael Schilf, Chase Kuker, and Ryan D. Wood, and directed by Michael Schilf (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters produced by Chris Roe and Matt O’Neill, and directed by Chris Roe (USA)

Scourge produced by Saulo Senra, Juliano Jubão, Eder Fonseca, and Arthur Minoves, and directed by Arthur Minoves (Brazil)

White produced by Laura Baron and Dan Tudor, and directed by Dan Tudor (Romania)

Best Fantasy Short

In The Dark produced by Michael Leon, Christine Llerins, Michelle Coulson, and Jesus Adrian, and directed by Michael Leon (USA)

My Mum’s Letters produced by Antonio Sequeira and Pedro Magano, and directed by Antonio Sequeira (Portugal)

Swimming With Fishes produced by Éloi Sirois, Dany Foster, and Zachary Ayotte, and directed by Zachary Ayotte and Dany Foster (Canada)

Best Action Short

Black & White produced and directed by Wai Kuen Fu (USA)

Fugitive Zero produced and directed by Joe Lam (USA)

Rush produced by Adam Brashaw and Michael Wilson, and directed by Adam Brashaw (UK)

Best Western Short

Armstrong produced and directed by Lucas Zambrano (USA)

Lillian produced by James Seyer and Molly Vernon, and directed by Molly Vernon (USA)

Poached produced by Jacqueline Puwalski and directed by Jesse Lin (USA)

Best Indie Short

Adulting produced by Ania Gauer and directed by Ania Gauer and Julien Gauthier (France)

Toxic produced by Wesley Barker and directed by Mike Manning (USA)

Two Strangers produced by The Townhouse Agency and directed by Sam Fayed (USA)

Best Drama Short

A Clown’s Tale produced by Julia Terrey and directed by Alexander Frank (Germany)

Breaking the Silence produced by Seayoon Jeong, Robert Caudy, and Gema Interiano, and directed by Seayoon Jeong (USA)

The Birdcage produced and directed by Alexander Ivanov (Russia)

Best Student Short

Exit produced and directed by Devansh Sahijwani (UK)

Furthest From produced by Rex Reyes II and directed by Kyung Sok Kim (USA)

The Dark Year produced by Piper Gaul and directed by Lingge Dong (UK)

Best Animation Short

Art Is Angst produced and directed by Björn Granberg Ahlmark (Sweden)

RenaiDance produced by Han Chen Chang, Ada Vaughan, Lucas A Ferrara, Jorden Samchok, and Brian Chapman, and directed by Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, and Han Chen Chang (USA)

Winter produced by Guodong Yu and Bradley Hawkins, and directed by Guodong Yu (China)

Best Children Short

Sixth Grade produced by Siyue Wu and Ruitong Wu, and directed by Yuzhuo Wang (China)

The Game produced by Cartridge Thunder and directed by Jack Pochop (USA)

Tumbili produced by Mauricio Zambrano and directed by Brando Benetton (USA)

Best Romantic Short

A Dilemma produced by Feng Fangfang and Wang Yu, and directed by Sam lam (China)

J-1 produced by Ashley Amanda Chan, Caroline Ratliff-Wang, and Emmi Shockley, and directed by Emmi Shockley (USA)

The Untitled Portrait of Red produced by Ramsee Chand, Liam Lischak, and Noah Kim, and directed by Simeon Hu (USA)

Best Women Short

Perfect Body produced by Marc Moreno and directed by Jessica Puppo (France)

Ruth produced by Matthew Guthrie and directed by Shannon Jarrell-Ivey (USA)

The Re-Education of Jane Brown produced by Katie McGehee, Elizabeth Ayers, Brown Hare Pictures, and Jane & June Entertainment, and directed by MK McGehee (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short

Ãh produced by Alex El Dahdah and Roody Madi, and directed by Alex El Dahdah (Lebanon)

Letter To My Mother produced and directed by Amin Maher (Iran)

Tomoko produced and directed by Margaux Esclapez (France)

Best Documentary Short

Letter To My Mother produced and directed by Amin Maher (Iran)

The Magician produced by Luka Fisher and directed by Matthew Kaundart (USA)

Together-Alone produced by Lennox on the run and directed by Dorith Mous (Netherlands)

Best Experimental Short

Optic Nerve produced by Peter Hartsock, Daniel Simoni, and Gabriel Acosta, and directed by Peter Hartsock (USA)

Residue produced and directed by Kai Lendzion (USA)

To Her produced by Jacopo Ardolino and Giulia Diana, and directed by Jacopo Ardolino (Italy)

Best Microfilm

Alone produced by Ryan Frazee and Peri Williams, and directed by Ryan Frazee (USA)

Consummation produced by Julia Doménech and directed by Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)

iCandy produced by Trey Riley and directed by Gavin Jennings Harwell (USA)

Best Mobile Short

Infection produced by Michael Davis, Michael Lutz, The NoSleep Podcast, and Olivia White, and directed by Michael Davis (USA)

Tails produced by PO6 and directed by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (USA)

Wasters produced by Greer Gunther and directed by Molotov Mitchell (USA)

Best Director (Female)

Molly Vernon for Lillian (USA)

Shannon Jarrell-Ivey for Ruth (USA)

Sophie Wang for Signal (Canada)

Best Director (Male)

Johannes Franke for Séance (Germany)

Mike Manning for Toxic (USA)

Sam Fayed for Two Strangers (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)

Emmi Shockley for J-1 (USA)

Jessica Puppo for Perfect Body (France)

Yuzhuo Wang for Sixth Grade (China)

Best Student Director (Male)

Kyung Sok Kim for Furthest From (USA)

Lisheng Zhang for Expiration (USA)

Wai Kuen Fu for Black & White (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Lingge Dong for The Dark Year (UK)

Margaux Esclapez for Tomoko (France)

MK McGehee for The Re-Education of Jane Brown (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Alexander Ivanov for The Birdcage (Russia)

Cristian Trujillo García for Broken Window Theory (Colombia)

Michael Schilf for The Fixer (USA)

Best Actress

Catherine Parker for The Re-Education of Jane Brown (USA)

Jeaux Bartley for The Quiet Shore (USA)

Marie Mottet for Perfect Body (France)

Best Actor

John Bain for Toxic (USA)

Patrick Tamisiea for Bryers Cucumber Tostino’s (USA)

Simon Longmore for Not Your Average Bear (Canada)

Best Supporting Actress

Detria Ward for Lillian (USA)

Keisha Castle-Hughes for Toxic (USA)

Ros Gentle for Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters (USA)

Best Supporting Actor

Bruce Davison for Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters (USA)

Paudge Behan for Final Curtain (Ireland)

Rick Shapiro for Class Photo (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress

Amanda Christine for Furthest From (USA)

Beatriz Frazão for My Mum’s Letters (Portugal)

Sophie Breitenröder for A Clown’s Tale (Germany)

Best Child/Young Actor

Kaleb Alexander Roberts for The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie (USA)

Riley Kerr for Bittersweet (UK)

Samuel Okon for In A Jungle (Nigeria)

Best Acting Ensemble

Loretta Devine, Kaleb Alexander Roberts, Hiram A. Murray, Melvin Ward, Bob Rumnock, Thomas Gipson, Pablo Sandstrom, Kevin Flood, Temple Poteat, Sammie Wayne IV, Michael Nelson, and Ronan Barbour for The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie (USA)

Marie Mottet, Zoé Garcia, Isis Guillaume, and Léo Pochat for Perfect Body (France)

Peter Keleghan, Kaniehtiio Horn, Grace Lynn Kung, Michael James Regan, Jill Frappier, Jennifer Dale, and Joyce Rivera for The Remnant (Canada)

Best Original Screenplay

Alexander Ivanov for The Birdcage (Russia)

Jessica Puppo and Pauline Munier for Perfect Body (France)

Sam Fayed for Two Strangers (USA)

Best Cinematography

Stanislav Ambartsumov for The Birdcage (Russia)

Teck Siang Lim for Furthest From (USA)

Thomas Freundlich for Cold Storage (Finland)

Best Editing

Cristian Trujillo García for Broken Window Theory (Colombia)

Kai Lendzion for Residue (USA)

Mike Donis and Navin Ramaswaran for The Remnant (Canada)

Best Visual FX

Adrian Bobb, George Kanaras, and Tommy Røkkum for Ext (Canada)

Marcin Przymus for (Dys)Functional (Poland)

Stephen Burchell and Lisheng Zhang for Expiration (USA)

Best Original Score

Jonathan Hartman for Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters (USA)

Kimmo Pohjonen for Cold Storage (Finland)

Nicholas Gati for Lillian (USA)

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All Nominated Films (I): 2020 Annual Awards

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