Chaplin Theater: Block 1.3 – Horror (1.40pm – 3.25pm)


A bizarre late-night text message from a friend sends a woman’s quiet evening hurtling into violent madness, with only one hope of salvation.

Directed by Michael Davis (USA)

World premiere


Wojtek gets a smart bracelet wristband for his birthday. While using it, he discovers his nighttime activities, which he does not remember. At first, he thinks that the gift is broken. However, strange things start happening in his life. He starts an investigation which ends in a confrontation with himself.

Directed by Joanna Deja and Łukasz Deja (Poland)

North America premiere


Mentalist Erik Svenson and his medium Henriette Brandt specialize in classic ghost summons for private and social occasions. Although Henriette seems to have been exhausted for weeks now, Erik drages her from one séance to the next, since their performances have turned out to be a lucrative business. On this evening their job leads them to Jochen Buchholz, who has inherited the house of his grandmother and wants to surprise some of his friends with a true ghost summon. They are skeptical, expect a harmless trick show off and a fun evening. Given the unsettling energies in the house, Henriette is increasingly insecure, whether the seance at this strange place is a good idea. 

Directed by Johannes Franke (Germany)

The Remnant

A team of con artists posing as paranormal investigators steal from the home of an affluent elderly woman, only to find themselves unleashing a dormant malevolent spirit.

Directed by Navin Ramaswaran (Canada)


A film with a comedic take on a familiar setup: when too-woke-for-their-own-good college kids are terrorized by an unstoppable masked killer, the final girl must outsmart him to survive. Only in this movie, the killer literally cannot be stopped (or killed).

Directed by Alex Montilla (USA)