Block 3. Sci-Fi (Sep 10th, 1.30pm-3.20pm)


An astronaut tied to an endless tether finds herself lost in a surreal landscape of her past and present where she must confront her untimely death and learn to let go.

Directed by Morgan M. Montgomery (USA)

World premiere

Orbital Christmas

In near future, Ali, a Muslim space pilot, is working alone on a space station during the Christmas season, because all other crew is back to the Earth for holidays. One day, Takako, a Japanese girl who lives in the city on the Moon, stows away in an unmanned cargo ship and gets on board the space station.

Directed by Mitsuyasu Sakai (Japan)


The life of Kostas, a single dad, is set to change completely when the disappearance of his son will alter everything…

Directed by Vasilis Billy Blioumis (Greece)

California premiere


“Permafrost” takes place in a world devastated by climate change, and follows a small crew on an impossible mission to find an artifact from before The Frost. The film is set 11 generations after the Earth changed, in northern Texas which has become a frozen wasteland.

Directed by Aeryn Lee (USA)

The Hunt: Savage Within 

A park ranger must face her fears as she becomes embroiled in a fight against an otherworldly threat.

Directed by Fabien Garcia (USA)

World premiere

Voices from the Void

Two shipwrecked astronauts fight over how to get rescued from an alien desert.

Directed by Theo Burtis (USA)


In a nuclear fallout shelter a prisoner, whose genetic composition has been altered by radiation, is being kept as a test subject for a potential vaccine against the elements.

Directed by Jeffrey Carolan (USA)