Block 2. Westerns (Sep 10th, 11.50am-1.30pm)

Too Damn Long

Sam “Birdie” Taylor is a washed up country music legend on his last tour. As he travels he struggles with the hard truth that his career is nearing its end. The once great songwriter finds solace in the process of writing his final masterpiece and the cathartic experiences he has on a long and at times mystical journey.

Directed by Ian Lettire (USA)

White Dove: The Origin

Sophie, Sheriff Adams’ little girl, is the lone survivor after her parents are slaughtered by a gang of ruthless outlaws in the Wild West. She’s taken in by members of the Pauite tribe who raise her as their own. Now she’s grown up and must make a choice: help fight for the lives of her adopted family or seek revenge for the vile, bloody deeds that have stained her past.

Directed by Delilah Andre (USA)

World premiere


After losing a loved one, Mathews is caught off guard when Lilith shows up in the middle of the night seeking help, when her husband shows up looking for her, Lilith finds out that Mathew may not be what she thought he was.

Directed by Paul N Foster (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

The Ballad Of Boot Knife Belle

Legendary vigilante Boot Knife Belle seeks revenge for the murder of a loved one in a dystopian future.

Directed by Christopher Lantry (USA)