Block 14. Dark Comedies (Sep 11th, 5.45pm-6.50pm)

A Real Killjoy

Sam Jones is stuck in a zombie apocalyptic world and is surrounded by incapable survivors. She may have found love, but she’s got a zombie to contend with, and her surprise guest does her no favors. She’s got a bat and, she’s got guts, so only time will tell if she lives or dies.

Directed by Tara Erickson (USA)


“Motel” follows ex-con runs a motel for serial killers.

Directed by Criss Gidas (Australia)

The Porns

In the near future, North Korea has established full diplomatic relations with the United States. The Lims, the family of the first North Korean ambassador to the United States, find their newfound freedoms difficult to comprehend, and for their teenage son – impossible to resist.

Directed by Adam Juegos (USA)

California premiere

Waiting for Goldman

Hitmen Mikey and Clinton have been assigned to kill a financial broker named Ivan Goldman. The only problem is that they’re not sure what he looks like.

Directed by Ari Kruger (South Africa)

USA premiere

Symptoms May Include Shortness of Breath

A business traveler and a girl with a secret meet in a lavish hotel bar one night. The decisions they make in that moment will change their lives forever, leaving them to wonder how it all went so wrong so quickly.

Directed by Ben Hess (USA)