Block 13. Crimes (Sep 11th, 4.05pm-5.45pm)


A young police officer discovers a dark secret at a seemingly ordinary suburban home.

Directed by Ryan Blount (USA)


Set in present day Amsterdam we follow Marwan, a timid coffee shop owner who is forced to face the truth about who he thinks he is when his reckless business partner and girlfriend’s abusive ex back him into a corner.

Directed by Amir Karagic (Netherlands)

California premiere

A Serpent by the Nest

A teenager escapes from a life trapped in the depths of human trafficking – but he’s spiraling downward towards a place as dark as his past.

Directed by Brandon Lazenko (USA)

California premiere

Three Stops

A young woman opens up to a taxi driver about the tragic story of her sister while planning revenge on her death.

Directed by Tati Golykh and Anton Ernst (USA)

The Huntsman and the Hound

A Russian crime fable about two contract killers who reunite on a job to murder another professional assassin.

Directed by Francisco Ramirez (USA)