Block 11. Other Mysteries (Sep 11th, 12.45pm-2.25pm)

Breaking & Entering

A young woman’s conflicted life battling multiple addictions and questionable choices culminates with an autopsy-like introspective journey when she finds herself locked in a morgue with the body of a long-lost love.

Directed by Michael William Hogan (USA)


Meg Stephens is a 1950’s high society housewife who put her dreams aside for her family but is left to fend for herself with the aid of alcohol, Librium and Valium, and her own mental stability in a massive modern home with a golf course view. While swimming in her upscale, indoor pool, she begins to hear voices.

Directed by Alex Kinter and Erik Schuessler (USA)

All We Know About Ian

A socially distanced man meets a socially famous girl and is never forgotten.

Directed by Danming Niu (China)

North America premiere

The Lumberjack

When a young girl reaches her 18th birthday – her father forces her to commit to the family bloodline and join the brutal world of The Lumberjack.

Directed by James Matthew Rutkin (Australia)

The Hold

After spending a few years in prison, a young man, Ethan, has recently started working as a receptionist in his uncle’s hotel. A few years earlier, he caused the death of his best friend. Gnawed by guilt, he can’t sleep and has more and more absences until one day…

Directed by Léa Ollié (France)

North America premiere