Block 1. Docs, Experiments & Other Worlds (Sep 10th, 10am-11.50am)

Deliverance: A Women’s Revolt

Following Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian and Saudi Arabian women; the film investigates the problems that they face on their daily lives and brings them together through a momentous political movement.

Directed by Ziad Haggag (Egypt)

California premiere


This short is a window into the lives of those affected by the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013, in India, when over 100 people died and nearly 50,000 people were displaced.

Directed by Halim Ina (India)

World premiere


An oniric, evocative representation of this period of pandemic Covid-19. It takes inspiration from the story of The Tower of Babel. The globalised chaotic world in which we lived before the pandemic is the starting point. People living in quarantine without speaking, live together peacefully. Once they take their facemasks off they start fighting again. Words do not just unite people, they create conflicts.

Directed by Teodora Pampaloni (Italy)

World premiere


Arturo Madrid, a 76 year old Filipino-American man, reminisces on the hardships, wonders and reality of migrating from the Philippines to the United States.

Directed by Keone Madrid and Mari Madrid (USA)

Burn Out 

Burnt out passion, love, work and life. Here is a story about a burned out writer, a toxic relationship, and a work routine that can lead to a shocking tragedy. Does everything always burn out to the end in us? Or maybe there is always one more spark?

Directed by Tomasz Rewers (Poland)

The Yak in The Dark

The disordered and chaotic state between the original desire and the dogma.

Directed by Lobsang Gyatso (China)

Landing Point

Following a break up, a woman navigates the streets of Hong Kong in pursuit of stability and an affordable place to live.

Directed by Cheng Sei-Hong (Hong Kong)

North America premiere

Holy Hen

An elderly, Christian couple lives out in the middle of nowhere and the man, Gert, cannot live without his daily doses of delicious meat from a self-butchered animal. But God works in mysterious ways and slowly the wife, Bodil, discovers that one of their hens isn’t just a hen. She believes God is speaking through the hen and has a message, He wants to share…

Directed by Tanne Sommer (Denmark)

USA premiere