Annual Awards 2020: Finalists

The following projects are the annual finalists of 2020.

These projects, the top #150 of the year, were shortlisted from the pool of nominees and awards winners of 12 (bimonthly and later monthly) rounds, between May 2019 and November 2020, chosen from 3.302 submissions from 71 countries overall.

The 3 top nominations for each of the 41 awardable categories will be announced soon after all of the finalists are ranked once again by the judging committee of IndieX Film Fest.

The nominees will be screened in the Raleigh Studios Hollywood during the 2020 Annual Awards event this Fall. More details will be disclosed as soon as possible.

(Dys)Functional by Adam Nowak (Poland)

A Clown’s Tale by Alexander Frank (Germany)

A Dilemma by Sam lam (China)

A Paper House by Wei Geng (China)

A Piece of Us by Justin Rhys Grant (Australia)

A Woman Eats by Sam Reiss (USA)

Adulting by Ania Gauer and Julien Gauthier (France)

Ãh by Alex El Dahdah (Lebanon)

Alone by Ryan Frazee (USA)

Armstrong by Lucas Zambrano (USA)

Art Is Angst by Björn Granberg Ahlmark (Sweden)

Ay Antonia by Antonia Ingrey (Argentina)

Bathtub Chronicles by Rebecca Ruhm (USA)

Bholi by Amitabh S Verma (India)

Bite Me! by Sergei Safiullin (USA)

Bittersweet by Max Mir (UK)

Black & White by Wai Kuen Fu (USA)

Breaking the Silence by Seayoon Jeong (USA)

Brides of Jesus by Joe Bartone and Jose Zambrano Cassella (USA)

Broken Window Theory by Cristian Trujillo García (Colombia)

Bryers Cucumber Tostino’s by Christopher Hall (USA)

Carnivore by Ashton Herrild (USA)

Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters by Chris Roe (USA)

Class Photo by Laura Niles (USA)

Cold Storage by Thomas Freundlich (Finland)

Comedy Videos by Peter Lazarus (USA)

Conejo by Valeria Jiménez Montes de Oca (Mexico)

Consummation by Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)

Crazy by Holt Boggs (USA)

Cultanica by Mitchell Smalenski (USA)

Damned If I Do by Jeffery A. Thompson (USA)

Domestic by Malachi Pulte (USA)

Ecclesiastes by Lola Rùi (USA)

Elevation Zero by Raed Barance and Anthony Bravo (USA)

Empty Shelf by Matthew Lee (UK)

Exit by Devansh Sahijwani (UK)

Expiration by Lisheng Zhang (USA)

Exposed Man With Gun In Hand by Francisco Saco (Costa Rica)

Ext by Adrian Bobb (Canada)

Final Curtain by Dan Gifford (Ireland)

Flush Lou by Madison Stewart Leonard (USA)

Fugitive Zero by Joe Lam (USA)

Furthest From by Kyung Sok Kim (USA)

Generation Z by Andrea Riba (USA)

Green Cobra by Sigurd Culhane (USA)

He/She by Norah Xi (China)

Hi, Johnny by Jonathan Nguyen (USA)

Household Demons by John Gray (USA)

iCandy by Gavin Jennings Harwell (USA)

Il Vestito (The Suit) by Maurizio Ravallese (Italy)

In A Jungle by Uduak Etukudo (Nigeria)

In The Dark by Michael Leon (USA)

Infection by Michael Davis (USA)

Infinity of the Universe by Evren Özgür (Turkey)

Integration by Christopher Fischer (Canada)

J-1 by Emmi Shockley (USA)

Jack by Henri Pardo (Canada)

Kandi Kids by Sandu Negrea (USA)

Karma by Julien Dolivo (USA)

Krim by Manuel Hüttner (Austria)

La Crise by Rafaël Beauchamp (Canada)

Lea’s Secret by Rico Gutierrez (Philippines)

Letter To My Mother by Amin Maher (Iran)

Life… by Mirlande Amazan (USA)

Lillian by Molly Vernon (USA)

Lonelyboy by David Doucette (USA)

Mailer Daemon by John Mudge (USA)

Malady of Mine by Jon Portman (USA)

Melted by Nikki Chapman (USA)

Mike by Kent Smith (USA)

Missing by Alexander Hankoff (USA)

Moonsault by Xu ZeTian (China)

Motel 32 by Landon Coats (USA)

My Mum’s Letters by Antonio Sequeira (Portugal)

My New Pants by Gerard Zarra (USA)

Nausea by Thomas Webber (Brazil)

No Angels in the Shape of Men by Lauren Lay (USA)

Not Your Average Bear by Cliff Skelton (Canada)

Optic Nerve by Peter Hartsock (USA)

Orwell’s Debut by Thomas Stachura (Canada)

OverKill by Alex Montilla (USA)

Perfect Body by Jessica Puppo (France)

Poached by Jesse Lin (USA)

Red: A Fairy Tale by Nathaniel Turner (USA)

Reduced Visibility by Noah Tinwa (Germany)

Relapse by Aron Davidsson (Iceland)

RenaiDance by Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, and Han Chen Chang (USA)

Rendezvous by Seth Kozak (USA)

Residue by Kai Lendzion (USA)

River by Emily Skye (USA)

Rush by Adam Brashaw (UK)

Ruth by Shannon Jarrell-Ivey (USA)

Sclera Absentia by James Furlong (USA)

Scourge by Arthur Minoves (Brazil)

Séance by Johannes Franke (Germany)

Seven Levels Deep by Pina Brutal (Germany)

Shadows of the Night by Alex Orthwein (USA)

Signal by Sophie Wang (Canada)

Sixth Grade by Yuzhuo Wang (China)

Something Sweet To Settle Your Stomach by Olivia Lovito (USA)

Sonant by Vik Ramen (USA)

Split by Joanna Deja and Łukasz Deja (Poland)

Split Tongue by Shelby Wilson (Canada)

Swimming With Fishes by Zachary Ayotte and Dany Foster (Canada)

Tails by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (USA)

Tambay (Stand-By) by Zyril Nica Bundoc (Philippines)

Terminus by Jan Pool (Netherlands)

Thank You for Patiently Waiting by Max Marklund and Anders Jacobsson (Sweden)

The Axe and the Iron by Matthew Roseman (USA)

The Birdcage by Alexander Ivanov (Russia)

The Dark Year by Lingge Dong (UK)

The Desert by Daphski (UK)

The Devil’s Harvest by Robert Dee (UK)

The Edge by Rodrigo Tavares (Portugal)

The Fixer by Michael Schilf (USA)

The Game by Jack Pochop (USA)

The Gliwensbourg Chronicles by Émilie Tommasi (France)

The Guard by Shona Charlton (UK)

The Host by Pawel Son Ngo (Poland)

The House Call by David Schuler (USA)

The King and the Pawn by Caleb Blue (USA)

The Last Step by Stanislav Matveev (Austria)

The Magician by Matthew Kaundart (USA)

The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie by Ken Sagoes (USA)

The Picture in the House by David Lapuch (Austria)

The Preacher by Patrick Hodgson (Canada)

The Psalm of Life by Ama MacDonald (USA)

The Quiet Shore by Alex Ramirez (USA)

The Re-Education of Jane Brown by MK McGehee (USA)

The Remnant by Navin Ramaswaran (Canada)

The Tale of Mari and Yimae by Jiho Won (South Korea)

The Untitled Portrait of Red by Simeon Hu (USA)

The Visitor by Jesper Isaksen (Denmark)

This Day We Saw the Volcano by Dagmara Wyskiel (Chile)

To Her by Jacopo Ardolino (Italy)

Together-Alone by Dorith Mous (Netherlands)

Tomoko by Margaux Esclapez (France)

Toxic by Mike Manning (USA)

Track One by Dan Tudor (Romania)

Trouble For Miles by Jamin Scotti (USA)

Tumbili by Brando Benetton (USA)

Two Strangers by Sam Fayed (USA)

Uncle Daddy by Conrad Schapansky and Brad Chornoby (Canada)

Wasters by Molotov Mitchell (USA)

When She Flies by Daniel M. Rodriguez (USA)

White by Dan Tudor (Romania)

White Strings by Alejandro G. Charles (USA)

Winter by Guodong Yu (China)

Wireless by Criss Gidas (Australia)

Zaco by Watanabe Takehito (Japan)

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