Rising Wings

“Rising Wings” is more than just a documentary about hunting; it’s a journey through America’s rich history, focusing on our evolving relationship with waterfowl. Beginning in the 1860s, when families relied on these birds for sustenance, to the rise of sport hunting clubs and the poignant decline of waterfowl populations due to overhunting, we unveil the intricate dance between man and nature. Through the tales of a nostalgic retired General, the insights of a prominent decoy collector, and the stunning visuals of both intricate decoys and the mesmerizing waterfowl they mimic, we spotlight a unique American Folk Art and delve into the pressing environmental challenges of today. This film serves as a powerful reminder that by preserving the habitats of these majestic birds, we not only uphold our cultural legacy but also ensure the health of our planet for future generations.

Directed by Harun Kazaz (USA)

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