No Flies On Me

Swatting at dirty winged desire … perpetual bondage to Saṃsāra. The flames of wisdom lick the wounds of ignorance clean to the bone.

No Flies On Me explores Saṃsāra, chasing the phantoms of our own desire and the fickle and at times mundane repetitive existence and plight of our particular sentient species.
As seen through the eyes of our barfly (lead actor) on a night out at his local pub, after a few too many drinks he is cerebrally drawn on a journey into the microcosmic wilder hedonistic parallel barfly world taking place right under his nose.
The candle light is symbolic of insight and the guiding inspirational discriminating power of ‘source’ awareness. The guiding light of wisdom is ever present yet the allure of the shadowy and wild dance of ‘blissful ignorance’ obscure his cognitive ability to reconnect.
The film is a satirical look at modern pop-culture and more sub-cultural fringe lifestyles from secular to the more extreme OTT cliquey forms and their esoteric vs exoteric values with tongue (or should I say proboscis? 😉 firmly in cheek!

Directed by Lars Magnus Holmgren (Australia)

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