In 2136, the boundaries of human activities had expanded to Jupiter, and in order to maintain peace and order outside the Earth, the public security organization “Border” was established.
Duanmu, an intern rescue worker at the “border” of Mars City, was caught up in a shocking conspiracy by the Tanshino Shino family, Takashi Yoo, to prevent a space raid. She met with “Boundary” executive Wang Shenyi, who was ordered to investigate the serial disappearance case in space from Earth, and embarked on an adventurous journey to expose Gao Chengyong’s crime. A grudge spanning decades has surfaced, and the death of his father seems to have some hidden truth. The terrifying contours lurking behind Gao Chengyong are gradually becoming clear. Mars is about to be destroyed, and abandoning flesh and blood to mechanically ascend has become a choice to isolate life and death. The new era has suddenly arrived, and humans still do not know whether they are facing the end or the rebirth.

Directed by Qing Kong (China)

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