Kings of Taiwan

No one should have to ask what a drag king is. In Taipei, a unique community of drag kings has emerged and has been growing since 2019. 
Liting ‘LT” Tan is a drag king from Singapore who came to Taiwan to be in an environment that has allowed them to live authentically. Over the past few years, they have become a grounding force in the community, pushing for a space where kings can thrive. After a challenging marriage, Taile sought out a queer community to be a part of, and that is how they came to meet LT. Rose is a captivating performer whose persona sits successfully as a caricature of masculine tropes. 
Drag has allowed these individuals to push boundaries in ways they never thought possible. Follow a journey of freedom, empowerment, and self-discovery through these three.

Directed by Syrus Sadvandi (Taiwan)

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