Logline: The relationship between a woman and her granddaughter is closely followed while her alcoholic son runs wild in the rural south.Synopsis: Edith, her son, Frank, and her granddaughter, Grace, all live in the same rustic farmhouse. Edith and Grace spend their summer days together while Franks is either working or acting on his alcoholic tendencies. One day while Edith and Grace enjoy their afternoon in the kitchen, Frank comes home intoxicated, questioning the rumors that his mother might sell the family farm. Edith denies in order to shield Grace from Franks unpredictable nature. However, Edith’s attempts to protect Grace only buys her a little time. The next day, while the two girls pick daisies outside, Frank answers the doorbell to find a loving couple who have come to look at the property. As Frank realizes that Edith has been lying to him, he seeks her out in a blind rage. Edith tells Frank that he is unfit to inherit the farm and must take on the heat in order to shelter Grace from the fall out.

Directed by Sarah Layton (USA)

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