Prevention Thought Engagement

“Prevention Through Engagement,” a gripping documentary by award-winning social entrepreneur and director Mike Hyzy, presents an unvarnished look at the escalating crisis of drug addiction, suicide, and homelessness. The film spotlights Warp Corps, an innovative social enterprise in Woodstock, Illinois, that’s spearheading a proactive, community-driven solution to these pressing issues.

The film delves into the harsh reality of the opioid epidemic, with a particular focus on the rise of fentanyl, and the deadly role it plays in the community. Against this grim backdrop, Warp Corps emerges as a force for change. Through the sales of skateboards, coffee, and custom apparel, they fund initiatives that not only assist those struggling with addiction and homelessness but crucially, engage with children and young adults to prevent these tragedies before they occur.

“Prevention Through Engagement” is a clear-eyed examination of the power of early intervention and community engagement. It showcases how Warp Corps, with its unique business model, is taking a stand against the cycle of despair and addiction. It’s a testament to the spirit of social entrepreneurship and a call-to-action for communities across the globe.

As the director, Mike Hyzy captures the essence of Warp Corps’ mission with authenticity and raw emotion through the dialogue of its founder, Rob Mutert and a supporting cast that lives at the front lines of the epidemic. The film offers an intimate look into the organization’s impact on individuals and the community at large, presenting a compelling argument for the benefits of prevention through engagement.

This documentary is more than a spotlight on a social enterprise; it’s an urgent plea for communities to acknowledge and address these issues head-on. “Prevention Through Engagement” is sure to leave audiences reflecting on the power of prevention, the potential of social enterprise, and the value of community in combatting these societal crises. It’s a tale of how we can turn the tide, one skateboard, one coffee, and one piece of clothing at a time.

Directed by Michael Francis Hyzy (USA)

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