Her, her and him

Two best friends, SiYu and XiYue, both encounter the same man, Zheng, but in vastly different ways. SiYu and Zheng agree to a friends-with-benefits arrangement, while XiYue becomes Jake’s girlfriend.

As tensions rise due to the fact that SiYu and XiYue are roommates, They are forced to confront the harsh reality of their situation. They must decide whether their friendship is worth risking for the sake of a man, or if they are willing to let go of their respective relationships with Zheng in order to preserve their bond.
In the end, the two women must face the consequences of their choices and come to terms with the true nature of their feelings for each other and for Zheng. Will their friendship survive the trials of love, or will it crumble under the weight of jealousy and betrayal?

Directed by Liana Shan (Canada)

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