In a last-ditch effort to find a girlfriend, socially inept Sean (Manny De León) hires pretentious playboy Kenny (Devon Suboreau) for a perverted pick-up session at the local dive. After a shot or two, they feast their eyes on the stunning Caroline (Ducky Suboreau) and select her as their target. With the assistance of clandestine technology, Sean secretly gets a first-person-view of Kenny’s every move on Caroline, eventually leading him to follow the flirtatious pair to Caroline’s colorful home. There, Caroline treats Kenny to a ritual she’s perfected over many years – an activity neither man expects. Danny is a short film explores the predatory tendencies of the human psyche, the scars that tragedy creates, and will leave you intrigued, disgusted, shocked, and satisfied.

Directed by Mary-Madison Baldo (USA)

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