To Mitchell

‘To Mitchell’ is a Drama that focuses on the aspiring artist’s descent into madness. As well as having strong themes of Family struggles,
Tyler our protagonist, A once young ambitious writer, his desire to succeed is put on hold by the death of his older brother Mitchell from suicide.
Now forced into a new role in his Family, Tyler must be the glue that holds his parents Mary and Alan together. Mary is unable to cope with the loss of her eldest, feeling as if she has lost a part of herself. Alan once a happy man now resulted in taking therapy in the shape of a bottle.

Taking place on Tyler’s 20th Birthday He receives a gift that was meant for him by His older brother Mitchell for his 21st. A typewriter to write his first novel on.

The Typewriter soon becomes the only way for Tyler to stay connected to his brother. In an attempt to make him proud, the self-induced pressure of finishing the novel and attempting to prevent the family from falling apart. Soon takes hold of Tyler slowly deteriorating his Mental Health.

Directed by William Terry Woodward (Australia)

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