Light On

Noah does not exist. At least not after a confusing accident that rendered him amnesic.

He wakes up in a seemingly abandoned apartment, lying down, wounded inside a room, incapable of putting together confusing flashbacks of memory, deprived of understanding about what has really happened. However, even though at the beginning everything seems ambiguous and far from reality, an inner thrust of vengeance pushes him to look for concrete answers.

He busts around the apartment trying to remember his daily activities, people whom he deals with and even where he is located, but while looking for an exit, he realises that every single door is sealed. Without escape, some flashes appear in his mind to slowly find that his lack of memory is because of a vengeance against him after resisting a manipulation. This is a woman’s doing: Barbara, his wife and another character, have planned all of this to avoid jailtime, so Noah begins to deduct that all of these memories have a meaning, not only in his inner world, but they also exist outside of his head.

Directed by Juan Octavio Lume (Chile)

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