Who is foolish enough to interrupt a male creature of the night solemnly playing piano in his own theater?
The culprit can only be a female of even darker and more mysterious dimensions. Not only does she invade his space, but then toys with him until she lets herself be found. They may both be sole predators of the night in their own right, but in the end, eternity is long and they can only be with someone like themselves.
“Hypnotherapology” is about her enthralling him and is a combination of three words: hypnosis, therapy and cosmology.
I am submitting both a main video and a lyric video, which are interestingly interlinked with the lyric video being a flashback to the time of the main video.
This project is 100% made in Singapore.

Directed by Muhammed Ibnunoordin and Soeren Addicks (Singapore)

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