Why Didn’t You?

There are only three things Esihle Bhele is sure of by the time Saturday night arrives. She was sitting on a bench in a park that afternoon. She was raped by her boyfriend, Gazini, at a party later on. She has blood on her hands.

“Why Didn’t You” is a short narrative film protesting against the disturbing rape culture amongst young people in South Africa. Utilising a three-part structure, the perspectives of the predator, Gazini, the bystanders, A and Sipho, and the victim, Esihle Bhele, are all displayed, leaving it up to the audience to decide who is to blame for the violence that occurs. The film experiments with visual text and non-linear storytelling to achieve the effect of a call to action and deeper reflection within its viewers.

Directed by Zukiswa Mbalenhle Mhlongo (USA

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