The Exiled (Official Graphic Novel Soundtrack)

The International rapper Famoe is proud to announce his Soundtrack collaboration with Wesley Snipes and Gifted Rebels in the upcoming graphic novel titled The Exiled. Which he exclusevily did the Musicvideo for this upcoming Graphic Novel.

Wesley Snipes gives audiences and fans a teaser into The Exiled. He mentions the graphic novel is 7 meets Blade Runner. The character Niles Roach is like no other character comic fans has witnessed before. The Exiled comes with unpredictable layers and is filled with mayhem, murder, drama, and suspense. Snipes goes on to speak about the incredible artwork, custom weapons, destruction of cities, and so much more. After Snipes’ introduction viewers will get a brief visual peek into The Exiled. Imagine the soundtrack going along with this graphic novel, it only makes sense that Famoe was brought in to undertake such a mission.

Directed by Fabiano Montesano (Germany)

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