When Death Comes Knocking

Jim, a recently divorced, lifeless loser, who’s given up on love, attempts to settle down for the night after a long day of unpacking in his new home. The last person he was expecting to come knocking on his door was the one and only Grim Reaper, there to collect a soul; the issue is, they’ve got the wrong address. After Death invites themself inside, Jim spends the evening scared stiff, whilst all Grim wants is a glimpse into ordinary life.

As the Grim Reaper becomes caught up in the hysteria of life, along with Jim’s willingness to lie, Grim allows a soul to go unclaimed. Frustrated by their own negligence and Jim’s display of cowardice, Grim inflicts their discontent unto Jim. In an act of self-defence, Jim retaliates.

Following a petty argument between two confused souls, the Grim Reaper retreats to their place of comfort, the graveyard, in an act of mourning. Jim makes his way through the headstones as he looks to make amends with death in his own backyard.

Directed by Joe Burbidge (UK)

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