The Secret Weapon: Yesterday is Today

The story centers around six teenagers in the spring of 1963 who led one of the most significant demonstrations in the history of the Civil Rights Movement. These six young people along with thousands of others went “toe to toe” with the legendary “godfather of segregation”, Eugene “Bull” Connor. Some of the children were as young as four years of age; placed into crowded roach-infested jails and hog pens at the local fairgrounds. Dr. King, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, and other leaders were cornered on how to get them released. But the youth did not stop until their cries reached the ears of President John F. Kennedy, and the world watched. It was an event that crippled the back of the segregation era and gave power back to the Movement. The children are often called, “The Secret Weapon” of the Civil Rights Movement.

Directed by Ken Sagoes (USA)

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