The Invaders

The heroine Tian Ge (played by Shen Xin) lost her mother, who loved her most when she was in her childhood. It is not until Tian Ge gets married that she has someone who loves her again. One day, an uninvited guest comes to her home, the sister of Tian Ge’s husband (played by Wang Xiaolu). The younger sister is intimate with Tian Ge’s husband (played by Ma Yixin) without limits, occupying the love of Tian Ge’s husband, provoking Tian Ge, breaking Tian Ge’s cherished things, and disturbing a peaceful life. Tian Ge is dissatisfied with her sister’s behaviour in taking away her husband’s love, but her husband maintains his sister’s appearance everywhere, which deepens Tian Ge’s inner pain. So, for defending her dignity and love, Tian Ge starts a struggle with his sister and wants to kick her out of the house. But during the confrontation between Tian Ge and his sister, a series of reversals occur. Tian Ge realizes the truth of the matter and gradually reveals the true identity of his sister.

Directed by Yanning Bai (China)

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