Toy Llama by Willow & Banjii; Directed by Edwin & Mayuri

Kahani Records presents episode 4 of UnCommon Love Story, a 7 part music video series that has won 256 global film festival selections so far, along with 87 first place titles.

The series is based on the eastern concept of the 7 chakras, each episode focusing on 1 chakra. Episode 4 focusses on the heart chakra.

A sharp increase in teenage mental health issues. Young lives being lost too soon to gun violence. Mounting safety concerns in schools.

In the wake of the multitude of crises facing the new generation in the USA… soulful and deep Willow, 14 year old son of Banjii & Mayuri, wonders what it would take to put a “stop to all the drama,” in his debut single, “Toy Llama by Willow & Banjii; Directed by Mayuri & Edwin.”

Episode 5, filmed in New York, and celebrating the fifth chakra of expression through dance is slated for an August 2022 release.

Directed by Mayuri and Edwin (USA)

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