Shall Not Perish from the Earth

In 1619 the first slaves arrived in North American. From then until now, white Americans and the enslaved (and their descendents) have struggled to define the experience as a mutual history. This documentary of just less than 30 minutes was created as a means to generate honest dialogue on the subject among high school students in the Unitied States. The title, drawn from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, rightly suggests that the centerpiece of the film is the struggle of black Americans to be truly free before, during and after the Civil War. Containing over 470 authentic images and photos, Shall Not Perish from the Earth presents a dramatic and compelling look into the heart and soul of the country fromthe broadest possible perspective of racism and the fight against it. It is meant to be brief. It was created to startle with the truth. It is intended to stir the conscience through imagery and words.

Directed by Donald Lewis (USA)

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