She’s An Instagram Model

Lovable nerd Orlando will do anything to keep his Instagram model girlfriend happy, but upon meeting his cooler, richer and more handsome arch nemesis Vladimir, he realizes he may be in for more than he bargained for. Will Orlando be able to do what it takes to get his girlfriend back? Shot with a colorful cast of characters in beautiful Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and America, New York filmmaker and comedian Keith Orlando Harris traveled to the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan to write, produce, direct and act in a collection of 10 short comedy videos there including two parody music videos. ‘She’s An Instagram Model’ is his debut music video in that collection. His comedic weird Al Yankovic style parody of a popular Kazakh R&B song comes complete with an original English and Kazakh version written and performed by Keith Orlando Harris himself after living two years in Kazakhstan throughout the pandemic, studying the language and working alongside award winning music producer Zheng Li and some of the best song writers and translators in Kazakhstan to make his debut music video.

Directed by Keith Orlando Harris (Kazakhstan)

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