Officer Joanna Parker has seen a lot of death already in her short police career, but has escaped the terrible predicament of one of her loved ones becoming a victim. Until now. Joanna walks into her nightmare – her best friend, Ellie, is dead. Overcome with emotion, Joanna leaves the crime scene… only to find herself in the same room. Joanna tries again, and again, with the same result. She has become a prisoner to the crime scene. Overwhelmed, Joanna decides the only thing she can do is solve her sister’s death. As she investigates, clues begin to materialize: traces of spilled wine and vomit, a ring, a photograph, and initials spelled into dust rings. The story forms in Joanna’s mind – her sister was killed by someone close to her, on a date that went terribly wrong. Joanna recognizes the initials in the dust rings as her partner’s, Officer Daniel Chaff’s, initials. At that moment, Daniel walks into the crime scene, and the clues begin to disappear. Fueled by grief and panic, Joanna cannot decide whether she has uncovered a terrible truth, or been driven insane.

Directed by Tori Layne (USA)

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