Danny is an expert in annoying her older sister Jamie. While blind Jamie is putting together a puzzle – which she can “see” thanks to her sound-color synesthesia – Danny decides to practice her dance routine in Jamie’s room. The sounds of her sister and the puzzle create a mural of color in Jamie’s otherwise-dark mind’s eye. Before their mom can get the two siblings downstairs for dinner, a thunderstorm comes swooping past their home, overwhelming Jamie’s hyper-senses and sending her into a panic. In the midst of her overstimulation, a calming voice sings to her. The voice belongs to her estranged father, Andy, who is visiting for dinner. Jamie accepts her father’s help, while Danny hangs back, giving Andy a suspicious glare. As Andy guides Jamie to the stairs under Danny’s watchful gaze, all three of them get the feeling that though they made it through the storm, they are in for an interesting dinner.

Directed by Tori Layne (USA)

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