See You

See You

Xiaoxuan’s boyfriend left her because of a mission. So far, her whereabouts are unknown and she has lost contact.
Xiaoxuan didn’t want to believe that he had left the world and was still living as usual, and she was missing him. She believes that for a relationship, even death is not the end of life, forgetting is. Xiaoxuan and Tianhao live in their own parallel time and space without intersection. The comfort and freedom are enviable and yearning. However, in parallel time and space, Tianhao is heartbroken to see Xiaoxuan’s reluctance. He made up his mind to disappear into the space where they used to get along with each other day and night, but he couldn’t do it. In their dream, they agreed to end up in a corner of their favorite room, but they didn’t think that all this was a plot carefully arranged by Xiaoxuan……

Directed by Caesar Nie (China)

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