The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen

A western-short, set in 1874 – 75, “The Four Horsemen” follows the exploits of a notorious and vicious outlaw gang hell bent on thieven’ and killin’ anyone who gets in their way. When they push the local law too far, the townsfolk are forced to call in reinforcements.

The Four Horsemen, comprised of four US Marshals of various backgrounds, join together to put an end to the lawlessness and restore order.

It becomes more than enforcing the law for the Marshals when their friend the Sheriff encounters this dangerous gang of outlaws. Now it’s personal and the lines of justice and revenge become blurred where sometimes you can’t tell the difference.

The Marshals hunt their prey relentlessly and without mercy. However, the outlaws aren’t ordinary prey… they have teeth and might just bite back.

The Four Horsemen implements the typical 60’s and 70’s western formula and in many ways emulates the westerns of our youth.

Directed by Jason Ryan (USA)

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