Thuggin’ A New Generation

A person that accepts what and who they are. They allow nothing or no one to prevent them from accomplishing any goals that he/she has set for themselves.

Yusef explores many themes from his personal experiences of life on the streets and inspires hope of a unified humanity. Yusef is mostly self taught and he explores the artistic process using poetry and images of pop culture, fashion and design as he explores the Thuggin’ generation.

“I named the exhibit Thuggin’ because it was such a shocking word to hear. You know, that was why I did all of that because of the image of a ‘Thug’. Since my generation the word thug has been thrown around so much especially after Tupac died I started thinking people had the wrong view of the word ‘Thug’ and who a thug really was. Raised in environments of turmoil and chaos. From Okla, thru NY to California. Amid the chaos, I wrote and created works that reflected what I have seen as problems and solutions to the human ailment of being immoral and destructive.”- MönSr Yusef.

Directed by Downy Doxey-Marshall (USA)

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