Worst Critic

Worst Critic

Award-Winning Screenwriter Rachel Prier has been gaining a lot of incredible press in the tabloids lately. She’s the best of the best at what she does. Everyone wants to work with her, and other professionals want to be her. Her fan base is booming, reaching just over 5 million and counting.

Today starts out just like any other. Rachel starts her day by drinking coffee while checking her emails. One specific email stops her in her tracks, telling her that her social standing is declining. Another email tells her that her personality is making her hard to work with and fans are losing interest in her and her work. While swallowing the details, she gets an unsolicited and unexpected email from someone calling themselves TenativeTurkey1. This person is also claiming to be her biggest fan. However, as the conversation starts between them, it is identified that they’re not only the biggest fan but also her worst critic. They leave nothing out and poke at all of Rachel’s insecurities, including her weight, self-image, and ranking. It puts a lot of doubt in Rachel’s mind.

What really hits Rachel is when articles start to post about her. They’re calling her harsh things and stating she is why her career is in the trash. She’s made out to be a horrible person. It throws her into a horrific state of mind as well as induces a panic attack she can’t shake. TentativeTurkey1 calms her down and pulls her out of it. Rachel can’t figure out if her life is one giant mess or a figment of her imagination.

Written by Alyxandrya Prynce (USA)

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